10 Ways to Fight Acid Reflux

Published: 01st July 2006
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If you've experienced a fiery ball in your chest that travels up through your esophagus into your throat, you've experienced a symptom of acid reflux disease.

But surprisingly, heart trouble and acid reflux disease can have similar symptoms. So you need to check with your doctor if this describes what you've recently experienced.

If you're coping with acid reflux disease, here are 10 ways that you can fight it.

1. Mealtime should be a relaxing experience for you if you want to help yourself avoid acid reflux symptoms. So don't race through your meals.

2. Keep a journal of foods that aggravate your condition. That way you can say "no" to foods that will probably give you acid indigestion.

3. Watch your weight so that you don't put extra pressure on your stomach. Putting pressure on your stomach can release the valve between your esophagus and your stomach and as a result, acid can back up into esophagus. And that burns!

4. Don't let stressful situations get out of hand. Schedule time for sufficient relaxation. That's because stress is not only a killer, it can aggravate symptoms of acid reflux disease too.

5. The owner of your local health food store might be able to help you with your acid reflux disease. They sell herbal remedies and digestive enzymes that can help with acid reflux. Ginger tea and aloe vera juice have a reputation of helping stop symptoms of acid reflux disease. You'll probably find them at your local health food store.

6. Eating fried and fatty foods can start a fire in your stomach that you'll wish you could have avoided. So think twice before munching on those tempting onion rings or donuts.

7. Be careful about eating too much at a meal. That's because when you eat too much, extra pressure is put on your stomach. This causes the release of stomach acids up into your esophagus and that doesn't feel good!

8. Don't forget to eat enough fiber each day because it's good for your digestive system. A healthy digestive system can help fight off acid reflux symptoms.

9. If you haven't started and maintain a regular exercise schedule, now would be a good time to begin. Exercise has a reputation of helping acid reflux sufferers.

10. You might have noticed that when you sleep at night, your acid reflux symptoms get worse. That's because gravity isn't holding your stomach acids in your stomach. To counteract that, why not put blocks under the top of your bed so your head can be higher than your feet? You can also invest in a special pillow designed for acid reflux sufferers.

So there you have it, 10 ways you can help fight acid reflux symptoms. Why not try one of them or better yet -- all of them? You just might feel better!

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